Many people in California have wondered whether SB620 or Senate Bill 620 is retroactive. Ultimately, prior to the passage of this bill local judges did not have discretion when it came to dismissing sentencing enhancements decided by prosecutors in regards to felony cases involving the use of firearms.
SB 620 (Bradford): Would make mandatory gun enhancements optional, at judicial discretion. CPCA is committed to preventing gun violence and opposed this measure because it signals these crimes may not be as serious.

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In People v.Woods (2018) 19 Cal.App.5th 1080, the court of appeal held that SB620 may apply retroactively, but only to nonfinal cases. The court reached this conclusion by evaluating In re Estrada (1965) 63 Cal.2d 740, which held that "when a statute mitigating punishment becomes effective after the commission of a prohibited act but before final judgment the lesser punishment provided by ...
When’s a Judgment Final for SB 620 for Firearm Enhancements? When’s a Judgment Final for SB 620 for Firearm Enhancements? As the reader of this article may already know, Senate Bill 620 (SB 620) (and the associated amendment to Penal Code § 12022.53 effective January 1, 2018) only applies to sentences that are not yet final.

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An act to amend Sections 12022.5 and 12022.53 of the Penal Code, relating to firearms.

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Apr 21, 2014 · The gun enhancement is on top of the above penalty and it's 10 years, just for the use of the gun. If he fired the gun and hurt or killed someone, the enhancement would be at least twice the 10 year penalty. So if he had a robbery in the first degree and lost at trial, his maximum risk would be 19 years of prison. If he had a lower degree, his ...
Nov 07, 2017 · Hello I am in California and I am trying to learn info about sb620 my boyfriend received 2 years for robbery and 10 year gun enhancement, but was the weakest case and we were going to file for misrepresentation.

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SB 620 does apply retroactively to cases where the defendant was sentenced before the bill took effect, but the appellate process is not complete. Defendants in that position are entitled to be returned to the sentencing court so the judge can consider whether to dismiss the gun enhancements in the interests of justice.

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